About haite
Company Culture
Core Values


Honest and pragmatic, professional and efficient; this is our guideline for our work

Take on

Take responsibility and do our best; this is our commitment to our partners


The pursuit of excellence, dare to be the first; is our attitude towards the enterprise


Giving back to fairness, harmony and win-win; it's our way of giving back to society

Corporate Mission
Our progress, driving the progress of the industry
Corporate Vision
Become a global leader in hand weaving
Management Philosophy
Matters must be discussed, discussed must be decided, decided must be done, done must be done
Service Philosophy
High quality and efficient, heartfelt service for customers
Development Philosophy
Open up innovation, based on the market for development
Talent Philosophy
Putting people first, achieving value
Corporate Winning Strategies

Build Core Competitiveness: unique business model, strong core technology, perfect service system
Customer-Oriented Learning Team: enhancing the learning ability of all staff by exceeding user needs
Customer Service: perfect pre-sales support system and after-sales service system
Unique Style: Altruism, Passion, Dream, Faith, Mission, Responsibility, Perseverance, Tolerance, Commitment