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Jiangsu Haite Fashion Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 2002, specializing in the production of special fancy yarn, has a complete set of high-end yarn production equipment, the registered capital of 73.6204 million yuan, modern standard factory building 40000 square meters, the annual productivity of more than 5000 tons, the product sells in distant markets 38 countries in the world, is the industry development capability is strong, equipment, variety, research and development team of professional large-scale enterprises, is one of the big fancy yarn production base. 
The main equipment of the company is: hook knitting machine, twine machine, twist machine, spray wool machine, friction spinning, grinding machine, wool spinning machine and many other advanced equipment. There are thousands of kinds of yarn, such as chenille yarn, guipao yarn, tripe yarn, dobby yarn, feather yarn and loop yarn.
The company has its own research and development department, several years of experienced researchers and active thinking, innovative young backbone of the college textile specialty. The research and development department develops the yarn varieties suitable for the market according to the domestic and foreign popular trends. The core technology used by the company's main products is independent research and development.
In recent years, the company has been awarded a number of national production technology invention patents, awarded "advanced unit of wuxi city", "high-tech enterprise of jiangsu province" and "advanced unit of scientific and technological innovation of jiangsu province". The company's "ruyi bird" brand has won a famous trademark in jiangsu province. In November 2014, the company was listed on the new third board. In May 2017, the company entered the new third board innovation layer.

Nearly two years, the company annual sales continue to innovate, with the rapid development of company, began to realize the transformation and upgrading, and new high ground, traditional Internet + industry mode, build the hite prominent main business, as well as the brand of excellence, research and development ability is strong, has a long industry, many industry listed companies the ability to operate, fully launched the strategy of "diversity" pattern, OEM, shang tao brand, with overseas famous brand DMC, butterflies, strong joint; Join hands with senior professionals in the maternal and child industry to start the maternal and child department. In addition, haite has independently developed its own unique hand-knitting platform app-jatec, and is committed to building a Chinese knitting communication portal platform. Provide excellent service for knitting, provide a gathering place for knitting enthusiasts, sign on knitting talents to teach and offer free video courses, and form a fan effect. It is estimated that the fans will reach 20 million, and form an influential manual knitting platform in China's knitting industry.

In January 2018, haite new project was officially started, and the new building with a plant area of over 88,000 square meters will rise to the ground, with reasonable distribution, scientific planning and strict layout. More advanced equipment will be introduced to complement haite's new building.

New weather, new tomorrow, haidt swaggered toward tomorrow, march!

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